What to wear on the beach according to Poko Pano

I used to wonder why women are fans of Michael Kors designs so much, but when I initially saw a Spring Summer 2012 show I did put away that belief. This collection, mostly throwing back to 60s, is in my opinion, a manifesto of femininity based on American classics, as Elle named it. It will definitely satisfy every demanding fashionista in need because of its wide offer, starting from polka-dotted frocks and tailored shorts to silk shirts with colourful stripes. The dominating colours are: black, yellow and navy, which are in fact pretty strong ones. He convinced both women and men to combine different textures with bold colours altogether to make a perfect 2014 match, meaning for example white and yellowstriped blouse with navy-dotted black skirt, also with a black jacket.

Another thing worth saying is an accentuated waistline, which Kors suggests to wear with big belts in matching colours. About the accessories there are still preferably high wedges and when it comes to bags then there is a lot to choose from: for example white, but also navy totes and clutches. Also, a sophisticated hat is the absolute mandatory companion of a self-confident woman like for example Victoria Beckham online. Nowadays, hats are not just crucial pieces for women to wear and protect their heads and hair from severe wind, but they have turned into aristocratic accessories, which can instantly add to any look and help you look bold.

Their importance doubles especially in the cold season, when there is always cold and nasty weather. Designers in the coming winter season offer a variety of shapes and materials, among which every woman can find exactly what is most appealing to her style. Very today collection of beachwear, taking into consideration that summer time is on. Ladylike and posh. Mostly colorful two-pieces, but some one-pieces were presented as well. This season’s two-pieces can have an iconic shape like circle, triangle and square. If you are lookinf for the answer of what to wear on a first date on the beach, I would say that clothes are secondary to being confident! But let’s talk realistically, here, we all know it’s about what you wear. It's no secret that men are particularly fond of the colour red. It's statically proven that given the choice between a women in a red dress, and a women in a pink dress the red always wins. If you are looking to impress your partner on the first date choose a red balconette bra covered with lace and sultry panties.